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Fridays, 10-11am

Gospel Based Discipleship (GBD) is an interactive encounter with the Sunday Gospel readings, designed to engage participants with the Gospel for personal reflection, sharing, and discussion. The group begins and ends each meeting with a prayer from A Disciple’s Prayer Book.

After the Gospel is read, we share responses to three questions: What words or ideas did you hear? What is Jesus (the Gospel) saying to you? What is Jesus (the Gospel) calling you to do?

There are no right or wrong answers. We are simply seeking to hear what the Gospel says to each of us individually and corporately. In our sharing, we regularly find new insights and revelations.

As GBD helps us to focus on what God is calling us to do in our daily life, we develop spiritual friendships, share spiritual journeys, and come to know each other in a new ways as disciples on a journey together.



Saturdays, 2-5pm

Join us on Saturday afternoons in the lobby to take part in our church food share. The severe impacts of the pandemic showed a clear need for a pooling of resources in order to sustain the livelihood of our families. Through strong partnerships we have established with local nonprofits and community leaders, our food share has grown from a piecemeal endeavor into a fully robust and quickly growing church support system.

The breadth of our offerings is due in large part to our partnership with VEAP, a food redistribution organization in Bloomington. We also receive regular contributions from wonderful partners such as Rise and Shine, Vue Farm and several Episcopal churches in the metro. What first started as a way to help feed a dozen church families is now a well known place throughout the Twin Cities for those who seek it to pick up food, clothes and personal care items. We are currently distributing upwards of 500 pounds of food per week, feeding several hundred people from across the metro area.

We would love to have you come help our efforts, or take some items home for your loved ones.




In partnership with Hennepin Healthcare, St. Nicholas aims to host health clinics on a quarterly basis. These clinics serve not just our congregation, but anyone who signs up for them. These clinics are a great way to cut through the bureaucracy and bring much needed medical care and resources to people who need it. 

We have organized flu vaccination clinics and COVID-19 vaccination and booster clinics. We are deeply grateful for our relationship with Hennepin Healthcare and their commitment to serving our community. 




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