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At St. Nicholas, we believe that our church is a space for worship, but it is also so much more. Our congregation is made up of people and families from vastly different backgrounds and walks of life. Our faith calls us to do more than simply pray: we serve each other and our greater community by filling in when and how we are needed.


En St.Nicholas, Creemos que nuestra iglesia es un espacio de adoracion, pero tambien es mucho mas. Nuestra congregacion esta formada por personas y familias de muy diferentes origenes y estilos de vida. Nuestra Fe nos llama a hacer mas que simplemente orar: nos servimos unos a otros y a nuestra comunidad en general al suplir cuando y como se nos necesita.


See how our work is impacting Richfield and the Twin Cities at large

Hennepin Health Clinic
Selfie with the Mayor
Immigration Rally
Fresh food from VEAP
Eggs from Good Courage Farm
First Communion and Confirmation Class Teaching
Serving at First Nations Kitchen
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